Kimberly Jack, Ms. Material Thingz 2018

Kimberly Jack was the first Ms. Material Thingz to be crowned.

She is free-spirited, enjoys spending quality time with friends and is always excited to learn and try new things.

"I love fashion, I am known amongst my friends as the extra one as I give 100% to everything that I do and do it to the best of my ability."

In 2018, Kimberly graduated from the University of West Indies whereby she was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics - Minor Speech and Language Pathology.

Kimberly is currently employed by the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago in the role of a Court Rapid Text Entry Specialist.

Kimberly aspires to be a Speech Language Pathologist. This aspiration is linked to her desire to assist individuals, particularly Tobagonians; with Speech-Language Disorders, as speech therapy is extremely expensive and there is a shortage of SLPs on the island.